The Founders

My Cloud Class was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2020 to meet the changing needs of both students and teachers. We were driving to the park with our daughter one day, discussing the challenges that the upcoming school year would hold for parents, students, and teachers alike. We knew we wanted to do something to help. We wanted to provide parents with support for their children’s learning, we wanted to provide students with additional opportunities to learn and we wanted to provide teachers with the opportunity to connect with and teach more students.

Having been a teacher for 9 years and mom for 3 I have experienced first-hand the challenges that both parents and teachers are facing in these unprecedented times. By combining my background in Education and my husbands background in Technology and International Business Management, My Cloud Class was born. Our goal is to provide high quality educational opportunities in a supportive, online, learning community.


Our Teachers

  • Provide individualized lessons in response to the student’s goals
  • Are friendly, patient, and punctual
  • Have vast knowledge of current teaching methodologies and their respective subjects
  • Share feedback and care about student’s progress
  • Are well-qualified and are passionate about teaching!
Our Teachers